Auto-save files

Most apps these days auto-save the file you’re working on (including Bear :slight_smile:), and so I’ve slowly untrained my habit of saving files. I noticed that Panda does not auto-save the file.

Was this intentional, or just not implemented yet? Would be great if changes were to auto-save, either immediately or after a few seconds delay. I realized I hadn’t saved a file that I had been typing in all day — a simple crash or restart would have lost all those changes.


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Panda does have auto-save, both on macOS and iOS. Can I ask you what version you were using, and how did you notice the file wasn’t saved?


Version 0.1 (1571)

Basically when I change a file it shows “Edited” in the title bar of the window. If I hit Command+S, then that goes away. Typically in editor apps (eg VSCode etc) such an indicator in the top tab shows you it’s not saved yet

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Oh, I see! On macOS, that indicator doesn’t mean that the file is not saved it just means that it wasn’t saved directly by you. The file is auto-saved even if you don’t do it (you can quit the app at any time and your content won’t be lost).

That’s related to how the macOS file versioning works, you can for example revert the file to the latest saved version (the one you manually saved, not the autosaved one) or browse the file history (all the version in the history are the one saved by you).

This is not something that was designed by us, it’s how the standard document-based apps work (TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, etc…).

I hope that my explanation makes sense :smiley:


Thanks! Now that you explain it, it makes sense. So it’s a macOS feature, not a Panda feature then? In that case I suppose no action is needed. Seems like a confusing thing though, I suspect I won’t be the only one who might wonder this regarding Save behavior.

Hi, I understand this, but some things don’t add up. For instance, if I type something in Panda on my macOS and don’t manually save it, then go type something in the same document in Panda on iOS, the most recent change on iOS will be the one that overwrites the first change done on macOS. Ideally, the change on macOS should instantly hard-save the file as if I pressed CMD+S and immediately sync the change to the document through iCloud. This is in fact what happens when I manually hard-save with CMD+S. For instance, the apps Zettlr and Obsidian auto-hard-save: Zettlr enables an option in settings to hard-save by mimicking CMD+S after a user defined delay, which can essentially be instant; Obsidian don’t even have a save button because any changes are instantly hard-saved to the file.

It would be MUCH more useful if Panda automatically hard-saved (auto CMD+S) files every time a change is made. Because it doesn’t do this, I frequently get mismatched files between macOS and iOS if I try to switch devices too quickly to edit the same document because the built-in macOS autosave feature is rather slow to sync changes to iCloud, though it does seem to do this faster if the edits are made on iOS.

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