Deleting the fold icon (ellipsis icon) deletes the content

Testing version: Panda Writer (iOS) Version 0.1 (1571)

What were you doing: I was using the backspace key to delete text and deleted the fold icon next to the header.

What feature did you use: The backspace key deleting text.

What happened: When I was deleting text, I was also able to delete the fold icon, which deleted the content that was “stored” in the collapsed fold icon.

What did you expect to happen: I expected the text cursor at the end of the line to delete the Header text, not the fold icon (which also deleted all the content that was folded).

I expected the fold icon to not be selectable as an object, but thought it should be only a “button” to fold and unfold. If the fold icon is selectable, it would be too easy to accidentally delete large sections of content.


At the moment this is by design, the fold icon represents your folded content and you can edit it “normally”. Even if you delete something by accident, the undo button is there to help you :slight_smile:



Thanks for all the replies.

Yes, that design decision does make sense and also clears up some of the other comments I’ve read here. I’m glad then it wasn’t a bug!


I wouldn’t expect to be able to delete text by deleting the fold icon. I would expect that to unfold the text. This is a bit alarming (esp as undo can fail)

@mintmittens I didn’t expect it either, but after playing with the feature for a week, I’ve come to like that I can cut and paste an entire section of text by selecting the ellipsis “container.” It keeps all the text accessible in some fashion and doesn’t exclude it from the document.

@matteo - Thinking long term (and something you may have already planned) is to refer to the collapsed ellipsis icon as a “container” as both @mintmittens, myself, and perhaps a few others thought of this as a “toggle switch” as opposed to the a “content container” as you have designed it.

I agree with the designed result. What I would do to retain the child or indented line would be to outdent the line