Disable copy/paste link with title

I wish there is a general option in the settings which could allow me to disable the following behavior for the whole app.

  • I go to https://google.com in my browser
  • I copy the link
  • I paste it in Bear
  • I get [Google](https://www.google.com/)

If I disable this option (lets call it “rich links”) I want to get: https://google.com

Sounds like you want to disable the first option here:

  1. For some reason unchecking this option doesn’t change anything – Bear is still pasting links as MD links …

  2. AND: the check/ unchecking “Keep tags during export”, also checks/unchecks the “Lock Bear at Launch” switch below, and vice versa…
    !!! ???

  3. The “Keep tags during export” get switched on/off by the same switch under copy.
    I Think it would be better if the “Keep tags during export” in the Copy menus, would work independently from the main settings switch…

I think this is a cache problem. I’ll check what we can do.

Good catch.

“Keep tags…” has effects on the exports too and I think the right place is in the advanced export panel options (the one we’ll work on) and the copy menus but at the moment I prefer having similar app preferences across the platforms.

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What I mean here, is that the settings switch should be the default when you copy or export, but then you are allowed to override the default for any single copy or export, without also changing the default in the settings panel. But current behavior it OK as well, I guess …

That being said, I must thank you for adding this option in both copy and export panels, it makes it much easier to see/change if tags are to be included or not.
Good job :+1::sunglasses:

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