Error with Footnotes

Testing version: Bear 2 (9735)

What were you doing: Trying out the footnote feature. I created a footnote. Then when I deleted the footnote at the bottom and returned to where the footnote was inserted, when I entered my cursor into the footnote, the app crashed. Happened twice in a row. Then it did it occasionally.

What feature did you use: Footnote feature

What happened: Inserted and then erased the footnote and returned to the original location

What did you expect to happen: I wasn’t sure if it would delete the original insertion or not. When I saw it was still there after erasing the footnote, I tried clicking it and it crashed.

Hope it’s helpful.


clicking on the footnote reference should create a note definition if it’s not present inside the note. I think the crash is due to come parser error on some, potentially unrelated to footnotes, content of your note(s). Please send me one of the notes reporting this crash to simulate and fix the issue.

Thanks for reporting this crash.