Expanding tables

Testing version: Bear alpha

What were you doing:Adding rows to my table

What feature did you use:Tables

What happened:A row was added before the selected row.

What did you expect to happen:A row to be expected following the selected row.

Hello there, thank you for the feedback!

May I ask you have added the row to the table? Currently Bear alpha has 2 ways of adding a row:

  • “Insert Row Before” that adds the row before the one selected
  • “Insert Row After” that adds the row after the one selected

Is the behaviour you are experiencing different from this?

Yes. I chose the after option and it was inserted before. It was a very small table 2* 2 and the first row was selected. The new row was inserted at the top of the table and I had used the insert after option.

Thank you very much! We will investigate the issue! :nerd_face: