Exporting note with png images degrades its quality

Is there gonna be a way to control the image quality when exporting to PDF?
I have a note with some PNG images that look pretty decent on Bear but are ruined when exporting the note to PDF. And since there is no support for SVG I don’t know what to do.

The original note

The exported result

Hello. I suspect some down scaling of the image is responsible for this issue. Just to be sure can you please send the original image in the screenshots?

Here’s another example of the file.
It’s been exported as 300 dpi png.
I don’t know if the downsampling occurs when imported to Bear or on exporting the note.

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Are there any news about this issue?

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Hello, I can confirm the downscaling of the image is the cause of the issue. We can try a different embedding technique for PDF images but I don’t think we’ll be able to ship it before 2.0.

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