[Feature] File Icons + Right Click download file option (Mac OS)


I’ve just grabbed a copy of Panda and had a quick play and love some of the new features especially tables, footnotes and nested styles :smile:

After adding an image a pdf to the test document I thought I’d suggest a couple of features I think would be useful…

  1. When you add a file it shows an associated icon for it so they are easier to recognise when scanning a page.
  2. The ability to ‘right-click’ either an image or file and download it

Thanks for a great app and I look forward to the new version :grinning:

Regards - Jason

Hello Jason and welcome!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I will let the design team know that the icons on the attachments are not clear enough.

As for the second point: in Panda all the attachments are kept inside the file it creates, so they are always local and there is no need to download them; if you mean to export attachments from Panda to the Finder - you can simply drag an attachment from the editor to wherever you like and it should be copied.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for reply and the top tip about dragging and dropping. I had no idea it did that :slight_smile:

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