Feature Request: Alternate Sync

I am/was addicted to Bear, however I had to drop using it as my workplace does not sync icloud and my notes are not getting synced. Nothing wrong with Bear. It is interesting that this issue is being reported at many places. Here is a sample request from 2 years ago.

HEre is another one.

2 of my friends also stopped using Bear.

Any plans to bring out an alternate sync feature? Its a core requirement to any note application… possibly more important than table :slight_smile:

Is it on roadmap?


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Totally agree with this - icloud sync is simply not allowed in most large orgs - I paid for Pro but can’t use any of the features because I can’t even enable Pro without iCloud sync. Stupid.

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Even the ability to just edit/open text bundles and have them autosave a pre-existing file system would allow users to have far more options since then they could use the File System on iOS/MacOS and use OneDrive/DropBox system folders.

Hi folks,

different sync options are not planned for Bear for many reasons (very hard to develop/maintain, privacy, etc…), but if we release Panda as a standalone editor you’ll be able to use any kind of cloud file system (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc…).



Didn’t find any newer posts directly related to this. I’ve been using Obsidian for sometime now, and non-native app’s paper cuts are getting under my skin. I’m testing now Bear, but in my use case I would really need separate sync locations for my work and personal databases. Otherwise Bear is perfect as fully native app in Apple ecosystem.

I’ve read that the feature hasn’t been in development plans so far, but I wish it could be reconsidered.