Feature request: multi-window feature


When opening multiple notes, it would be helpful if notes open right next to the others vertically. I couldn’t find good examples of this feature but Obsidian window will be the closest one.

When I start writing notes with Bear, having more than four or five notes on my desktop is very common, and arranging them is a work. I know there are a few window management apps, such as Magnet, but they have some limitations (can only put three windows vertically, etc).

It will be grateful if you guys consider an in-built multi-window feature in Bear 2.0 or in some point.:slightly_smiling_face:


I thought also about an internal windows management of opened single notes. But I also had another idea. What do you think about a single-window solution? I mean that multiple notes opened at once are opened inside a single window where they are listed vertically side to side. 3 until 5 notes, depending if you have a MacBook or an iMac, easily could be placed

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I agree. Similarly to obsidian split pane, also Noteplan 3 split-pane/split-window function is very well implemented. This is something I would really appreciate in Bear 2.0, as having only independent windows has its own advantages, however it takes time to tidy them (when not using window-management app) and with more windows open (3-5 etc) it starts to clutter quickly.

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Opening several notes in a single widow will be an idea. Other note taking apps have this feature, which makes me want to migrate to those apps. But I feel like those apps are more close to terminal rather than note taking app :frowning:

+1 to this feature request (at least for MacOS)

For the most part I get around this by just opening multiple Bear windows. However, working in full screen or split screen is often a part of my workflow. Would be very nice to be able to work on two notes at once – especially if there was a keyboard shortcut to switch between windows.

You can open multi windows of Bear notes (or Stage Manager split screen) and switch between windows with ⌘ ` (Command backtick).

In fullscreen, switch Bear “windows or desktops” with Control Left or Right arrows.

If you have Moom.app installed you can also setup an auto sizeing and placement of several windows with one shortcut 3x1, 2+1, 2x2 etc.

Of course, not as simple and elegant as if supported in-app, but I’m hoping for a release soon, and not for more features :nerd_face:


⌘ ` is a new one for me, thanks! I do have Moom; will have to give it a try.

Also hoping for a release soon. Hoping the feedback for new feature requests gets consumed for future updates and don’t increase the scope of the MVP for Bear 2.0.