Feature request: show caret section in TOC

Dear devs,

Thank you for all the hard work. I’ve been using Panda and now Bear 2, I am wondering if you would consider showing where the caret is in TOC? Sometimes I write very long note, there will be so many paragraphs and sections. It would be very useful to know where I am in the whole note structure, maybe a small arrow, maybe a quick highlight blink. I also considered that sometimes people are not in edit mode, then it makes sense to not show where the caret is.

What do you think about it? Is there any concerns regarding this feature?

Thank you.


I absolutely agree with you. I was always thinking about such a feature and so far i have not seen it in any editor with toc. But yes, i know the annoyment to scroll through the text and then to search the place where the cursor is.

That would be definitely helpful especially when working with longer texts.

So perhaps a reverse linking? Clicking on a header highlights the appropriate TOC? Wonder if this is possible :thinking:

We want to have this but requires a lot of testing to achieve the expected result. For example, I’m pretty sure in some people expect a TOC header to highlight accordingly to the scroll position rather than where the caret is placed. Considering this, having the highlight working with both scroll position and caret might be confusing.

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Oh I never thought about that. It is indeed confusing. Now that I think, showing the scroll position actually works better. In this way:
If I want to see where my caret is placed, usually my scroll position is at the same place too, so the result will be the same as the current scroll position;
If I want to see where my scroll position is, the result is also what I want.

That being said, I also have a small concern if we add highlighting on TOC: if I want to take a screenshot of my outline, there will always be a highlight point. I have to quit edit mode first and then screenshot. It is not something big, but could be annoying?