Feature request: swipe titlebar to go back, or better button placement

Don’t get me wrong, I like the 2 finger gestures for going back/forward on iOS, but they’re not the easiest to trigger. I’d imagine for people with motor problems, the gesture is pretty awkward to pull off.

I know I can enable the buttons for back/forwards but I find them floating on top of everything kinda distracting and blocking important parts of the visible reading space.

I have a suggestion: I could swipe just the titlebar left and right to trigger back/forward. I doubt people swipe the titlebar for exiting the note or accessing the info panel as it’s on top of the screen. But for occasionally swiping between navigation history, I think it would be good fit.

As the history navigation buttons are toggleable already, I’d also welcome if those were just put on the titlebar. Maybe show them only contextually, when there’s something to go back or forwards to. I think it would be better than the floating buttons that block note content.