Folding and footnotes

Testing version:

What were you doing:
Testing folding action on footnote

What feature did you use:
Folding and footnotes

What happened:
The headed section I expected would fold, did. I did not expect the footnote applicable to a section ahead of the folding section to fold

What did you expect to happen:
Footnote retains visibility.

When folding a heading, it folds all up until the next heading of the same level (or higher), or til the end. Footnotes behave as any content in that context.

I can see that if you collect all your footnotes at the end, that it is surprising. However, you can also have the footnotes for each section as part of that section, and in that case it would make more sense to fold it.

If we don’t include footnotes in the fold, then there will be no way to fold footnotes, and that doesn’t seems optimal either.

What do you all say?

Not a “bug” in the usually sense then. I guess I see a footnote in a more book page sort of way, residing at the bottom of the page (note) within which it is referenced - a collection of supplemental information. Not sure I see the need to footnote something directly following what I am referencing, I could just add another line of text.

But this begs the question a bit on folding, seems that if what gets folded was either only everything that is indented under a line (heading in Bear’s case) or everything until say, a blank line or some other end point indicator; then foot notes (and the rest of the document) that exists outside that folded section would remain unfolded and available to the reader.