Folding not working when copying note from Logseq

Testing version: v2.0

What were you doing: Copying an outliner note from Logseq to Bear

What feature did you use: Trying to use folding and it won’t work on any line in the note.

What happened: I edited the note so all the bullet points in Logseq had their own bullet point in the Bear note, and now the “folding” option won’t work on any of the header lines.

What did you expect to happen: The folding option to work to condense long sections of the note.

*EDIT: If there’s a bullet point in front of a header after copy/pasting from Logseq, the folding doesn’t work. If I delete the bullet point in front of the H line and reposition it accordingly, the Folding starts working again.

Also, when a bullet point is in front of a header line, the three lines (new Header icon) is invisible and only shows when placing the cursor in that line.

Thanks for the feedback, can you please send a piece of text that report the issue described?

Sorry, not sure what you mean by “piece of text”. You mean a picture?

No, just a portion of the text reporting the issue above is fine. If you want to you can send it to me via direct message.