Font issue with italics

Testing version: 2.1.2

What were you doing: Changing font

What feature did you use: Typography settings

What happened: Italics displays as bold italics

What did you expect to happen: Italics to display as italics

I added the iA Writer Quattro S font to my Mac (from here:, but italics don’t display properly in Bear. Italics display as bold italics instead of just plain italics. I also use the font in Ulysses and don’t have the same issue. Italics displays correctly in Ulysses.

Attached are some screenshots to show what I mean…

Bear with BearSans font.

Bear with Quattro font.

Ulysses with Quattro font.

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Hello, and thanks for reporting this issue. We’ll verify the bug as soon as possible.

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Hello, not sure how far along you are with this. From what I’ve read since, the issue might be with the font itself rather than Bear. In the meantime, I’ve been using IBM Plex Sans (IBM Plex Sans - Google Fonts), which the iA Writer font is based on.

Still a very nice font and easy on the eyes, typewriterish in feel, but without being monospaced. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone wants to try it.

I use iA Writer Quattro and I don’t have this issue…

Did you get the fonts from GitHub or somewhere else? If GitHub, I might uninstall the fonts and try again.

I think I downloaded the font when it used to be on the IA Writer website. I checked and I have only the static version installed (that is on GitHub) not the variable version. I don’t know if it can help but I think you should uninstall the font and try to install the static version… Hope that it will work…

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I already had the static version installed. I’ve uninstalled it, installed the variable version, and that works!! Problem solved!

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