Ghosted Lines after text selection

Testing version: Version 2.1.1 (12375) on Mac

What were you doing: selecting text

What feature did you use: basic text selection by click/drag and triple click

What happened: when the text is deselected it leaves a ghosted line across the note, that only disappears when the note is closed and reopened (see attached screen capture)

What did you expect to happen: the text would just be deselected and return to normal


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This kind of glitch is unfortunately very hard to address. Please tell me if you are experiencing this on a retina monitor and the macOS release you are running.

Thanks for taking time to respond even though it’s a difficult issue to address. I’m running macOS 14.3 (23D56), and I’m experiencing the issue on all of the various displays I use including the laptop display on my 16" M2 Pro (3456x2234), my older 24" Dell monitor (1920x1200), and my 12" M1 iPad Pro (2048 x 2732) when used as an external display.