Gmail link non-functional when used in markdown link

Testing version: 1.0 (2343)

What were you doing: Attempting to link to a Gmail message as part of a standard markdown link.

What happened: Link doesn’t work - simply opens the Inbox but not the specific message.

Background and Steps to Reproduce: If you paste into Panda the raw URL of a gmail message and then click the link, it opens the correct message - no problem. However, if you try to use that same gmail url as part of a markdown link - e.g. [see this message from Andrew](message_url) then when clicking on the link, the user is no longer directed to the specific message. It’s as if the link is getting corrupted by Panda when used as part of a markdown link.

Not sure if this is related to the length of the url - e.g. a typical gmail url is like

And as noted above, that url works just fine if pasted into Panda raw like that, but when used as part of a markdown link, it no longer works.

As an FYI, pasting the exact same markdown link into Bear works just fine and opens the gmail message. So this is something unique to Panda.

Hope this is enough info to help you address.


Hi Anthony,

Thank you for being so active on this forum, we see you! :eyes:, and we really appreciate it.

Regarding the above, I’ve just tested this and you are correct. However, the expected behaviour would be the link working normally.

Therefore, this is something we’ll have to investigate further. It may be an encoding issue.

I’ve notified the development team of this.