Grouping block quote with lists is unintuitive

On the iOS app-specific keyboard, the block quote function is grouped with bulleted and numbered list:

I had trouble finding it at first because conceptually these don’t go together. Visually they both relate to "putting something to the left of the text, but in my mind the parallel doesn’t extend beyond visually. Quotes aren’t bulleted lists.

In my mind, checkbox lists are more closely related to bulleted lists: a checkbox is a bullet with extra functionality. And all of them lend themselves to a tree structure.

If the majority of users have said that quotes are more conceptually similar to them and this is the most intuitive place to find it, then I’m good with that. But I just wanted to share one data point that it’s not so for me.

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As far as it once was mentioned they belong together technically in terms of markdown syntax. I think in raw markdown each line of the quote starts with „>“. So it is not only visually.

Yeah, you are right. Conceptionally they don‘t belong to each other and I was also confused. But after learning where‘s the place at and how tecchy people are thinking, you can live with that. You even can start to feel as a tecchy nerd :wink:

Yeah have to say that I had trouble finding the blockquote button also at first. But to be fair it’s just that one time.

@krssno I would group together “how it appears when rendered” and “how you type it in in Markdown” together as things that are mostly incidental. Whereas the deeper meaning I think of is “what kind of structure do these things represent?” Bullets, numbers, and checkboxes all represent lists, and quotations don’t represent lists but rather paragraphs. That’s why I think it feels artificial that the quote is grouped together there.

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