"Highlighted Parts Only" to Copy not working

Testing version: 2.1.4 (12484), Mac OS

What were you doing:

I often use copy as Rich Text to paste to Slack/Notion/etc.

What feature did you use:
“Highlighted Parts Only” copying function

What happened:
When clicking this now, it seems to clear the clipboard on Mac and not copy anything or allow me to copy something highlighted.

If I just click Copy as → Rich Text after, it copies the whole note.

What did you expect to happen:
Allow me to copy a highlighted portion of the note as Rich Text (Copy As → Rich Text).


Copy Highlighted parts... is supposed to copy only the sections of the note ==highlighted== by you but I think you expect it to copy the correct selected portion of the note. If so, right-click on the selected portion and click copy as > rich text.

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