How do you create Front Matter on iOS/iPadOS?

If I type in three dashes at the beginning of a document on mobile, two of those dashes get ‘auto-formatted’ into a long dash. That precludes me from creating front matter. Is that a feature or a bug?

If I open a document that has front matter added from the macos app, I can see and edit it.

I had the same issue, it is not a panda/bear problem but rather an iOS problem, you have likely set in the keyboard preferences smart punctuation which turns double dashes into Em dash.

Hope this helps

That Works!

I thought I had done that… but those setting don’t seem to sync between macos/ipados

Hi there,

As @sitacuisses mentioned, this is an iOS preference option. Thank you for the post, and to @sitacuisses for the comment, as it helps more people to discover this.

It also helps us as this might be a topic we could add to our FAQ section in the future.