How to do a page break?

Does Bear 2 support page breaks? If so, how do I do it?


No, we don’t have page break support.

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I just came looking for this feature as well. I often export notes as PDFs to share, and it would be great to be able to drop in a simple page break instead of having to add extra blank lines to my notes, then preview, then adjust, preview, adjust, etc. It’s a pretty miserable UX and leaves me with decent PDFs, but crappy looking Bear notes with random spacing.

@Ziad I agree, it’s definitely needed.

@trix180 could you please add this to a “future enhancements” list?

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A page break in ulysses is done on export by interpreting the separator line as such a break. It was several times said that after 2.0 export will be improved. Maybe ulysses feature could be considered

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@krssno On the other hand, many users may do not like it (separator as page break as they use it for other purpose). In my experience, Ulysses export depends on selected print template - some consider e.g. h1 or h2 heading to always start on new page and some don’t etc. I believe this functionality - specific for export - should be responsibility of export template - not something generally inherent to note markdown syntax.

D‘accord! Pagebreaking by header level is ideal. Nevertheless taking the separator as sign for pagebreaks on export can be meaningful in some scenarios not only but especially as it is independent from the export style theme

Totally agree on the page break. The app “NOTEBOOKS” has both a line separator and the ability to enter a page break. VERY USEFUL! I also export Bear notes as PDFs all the time and being able to control the pagination is critical. Thank you!

In the 1960s, ASCII 12 (Form Feed) was created for a page break. And here we are, wishing we had it now. I suppose  would be a bit too obscure for millennials. :wink:

Would increasing the number of dashes or underscores be too obscure? For example:

Line separator after this line.
Page break after this line.
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+1 for this. It would improve the handling of pdf generation so much! I regularly need to provide handouts and scripts for my students, not having to juggle around with spaces and checking the print preview would be a wonderful thing to have. <prettyplease?>
The implementation as @Burke posted it is fabulous! Not much to change in already learned behavior, everything to gain for us print nerds.

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Just ran into this when trying to export. Having an option to page break on header level when exporting would be perfect.

Made an Apple Shortcut for Custom Formatted Print/PDF with Setting for Page breaks on Heading and --- divider, Custom fonts, sizes, centering of Images etc: