How to get side bar to show?

Hi all,

In Bear app, you can view the Show tags, notes and editor view. Does this exist in Panda yet? If so, how to enable it if preferences are greyed out. I’ve seen it in screenshots and demos.


There is no sidebar which could be shown. Panda is just the editor that will be implemented into bear 2.0 and was meant as throw away app after testing the editor. Nevertheless it was announced that panda maybe or probably will be released as standalone app which handles file based documents. If the further development of panda should go in that direction you can expect to see someday a sidebar

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bummer, ok, thanks.
Thanks for the reply.

Be patient! :wink:

Once the implementation into bear is finished you will have the panda editor and all other features from bear.

See here a preview!

For what it’s worth, I would have been using Panda as my primary editor for over a year now if it had been released as a standalone alpha app. Just being an editor doesn’t make it useful enough for me to bother switching, even to test out. If it looks like the Panda editor will be cooking for a long time still, it would be amazing to have a standalone release that includes the Bear notes/tags panel; I’d completely switch to Panda!

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