Problem with the new GUI of Panda

I’m a user of Bear since a long time. I like it.
so now I try to use Panda. The new functionality and GUI is beautiful, but the first thing I remark is the loss of its sidebar.
So I hope this sidebar will come back in next releases !

Not a dev, but confident enough to say its going to come back. Even today receiving this email, I am sure below highlighted is where you’ll see it.

  • Panda editor early preview (YOU ARE HERE)
  • Panda editor bug fix and editor improve
  • Insert panda into Bear 2.0
  • Bear 2.0 beta test
  • bear 2.0 official release

Hello @vinger! I can confirm it will be back. Panda has a Welcome note that indicates Panda is just the Editor (third column only) of the Bear platform.

Thanks for checking out this early peek into the future of Bear. With this alpha test—code named Panda—we’re focusing on some major new features for the Editor inside of Bear. That means some of its other major components like tags and the Sidebar aren’t here yet. Eventually, we’ll get them in here too.

So all in all, great news! :grin::+1:

What is the expected date for the release of this new version?
I’ve just subscribed to the current version …


I do not have the answer for that, and dev’s do not set hard dates. The answer you will receive is “when its done”. I think the best way to stay informed is by subscribing to their newsletter from the main page, or monitoring the reddit community. I am just as eager as you are and can’t wait for the new release.

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