Where is the sidebar?

I’m using Bear last 2 years. I liked Bear 2 (Panda) but I just can’t solve 1 problem. Where is the sidebar? I’m always using tag system and sidebar. Sidebar is very useful on Bear 1. So if you add sidebar, Bear 2 can be the best app!

The sidebar is still there.
Try pressing ctrl+3

Are you still on Panda? The Bear 2.0 testflight is out : Join the Bear – Markdown Notes beta - TestFlight - Apple

Yes I saw Panda and I tried Panda.

Bear 2.0 is AMAZING!

Thank you.

CTRL + 3 didn’t work on Panda.

Ah, ok.
But the OP was referring to Bear 2, I think.

Panda is just the editor, no sidebar

Bear 2 has a sidebar. Try ctrl-3

Yes I get it. Now I’m using Bear 2 and shortcut is working. Thank you.