How to scan a document?

In Bear 2 beta for iOS or iPadOS, I am unable to find a way to scan a document into a note. The only feature I’ve found is taking a photo.
The Bear 2.0 welcome note lists this as a feature, but I am unable to find it…

Note: PDF OCR will search documents but doesn’t highlight them in note like images right now. I’ve posted about it before.

@brian Thank you! However, this option does not come up on the iPad. Only the Camera & Library buttons show. Is this an omission on purpose, or still forthcoming as this is a beta?

Thanks, Dan.

On iPad, it’s located under the :paperclip: button:

OH!!! Thank you @roar - @matteo this would be better if how you find it, was the same in both iOS & iPadOS. Thanks!

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Why is this in 2 different places?

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