I'm not seeing the full BUI Options

I’m a newbie to Bear having just started today. I’ve been using UpNote and am thinking maybe Bear will be better. First question, and I’ll post them one at a time. I want to insert a scan. or an image and the instructions tell me a camera icon will appear when I click on the BIU icon. But when I do that I see just a limited number of such options at the bottom and not the full, more comprehensive number of options that I see on your support screens. And definitely no camera.

What device are you using? Could you include a screenshot?

Thanks for responding, Thunderr247. Using an M1 iMac running Sonoma 14.5. Presently using MS Edge browser.

Ah. You need to be on iOS or iPadOS. Bear uses the device’s camera for document scanning.

Yeah, the only options on MacOS is the “picture icon next to the 3 dots” which will let you upload files and images. On iOS you have more options:

Thanks to both of you. Don’t know why I didn’t look a bit closer to the icons, perhaps because my first day on the job. I also assumed (yes, a mistake) that the more comprehensive options would be on the desktop rather than iOS, and again didn’t look close enough. Thus far though, I’m finding that there are many areas where Bear does things a bit better than UpNote and often offers more options. UpNote may be easier to navigate but then I’m just beginning with Bear. I,m having problems syncing with my other devices, all Apple, but I found the sync troubleshooting page and will try that later today. Thanks for your help!