How would you use Panda?

Thank you for the preview of what is going to come. I can say that I really love the concept of “workspaces”. Do you mind saying a few words about my idea to show a “notes list” in the second pane rather than the editor for the case and just for the case that a folder is selected in the sidebar? I think here can be realized some useful and meaningful stuff. For clarification: As I posted the video about craft I just wanted to show the basic principle but would wish a different feature set and aesthetics than in craft. Is it something valuable you would think of and considering it? Or could you already say that such a thing would be completely out of the question?

Your feedback is always welcome, but I don’t have too much to say about this right now. We will start with the left pane showing the folder and files and see how it turns out.


I will come back with that topic when the beta of panda will be released :wink:

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There is one point left in regard to the design of the left sidebar which I should mention. I think once files and folders are implemented in the sidebar you will be able to add new folders and files by context menu of a folder. So far so good. But often enough a user wants just to create a new note without bothering there to save it in the folder-file-structure, so that it can be done to a later date. This point should be considered in the sense that these notes are accessible somehow. In bear that would be the section “untagged”.