Image Resizing In Editor?

Yes, we plan to ship an update to fix that today.

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Thanks @trix180

I updated to latest version and was able to test the resize issue more.

I can get the menu and option to resize for some file types. Is this option only available for certain file types? For example, I am able to resize a gif but not a jpeg. (iOS)

This sounds odd, Are you sure it’s a jpeg and not another format? Can you eventually send me that jpeg for tests?

So, after some more testing it appears the issue is related to the editing status of the note. (Not sure the correct term for this in relation to the Bear/Panda editor, but basically it is preview vs editing a note phase - i.e. keyboard displayed).

I’ve attached a vid which shows how a gif has the option to resize in both instances. The jpeg within the same note does not - only available when editing the note.

In hindsight, this is fine for my purposes as I now know how to resize the image and it works. However, it took a while for me to figure this out. Maybe this is already know though(?).

(Apologies the vid is over the 8mb limit!)

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