Import files from command line?

Hi -

I’ve written a script that converts my kindle highlights into markdown files. I would like a way to automate importing them into Bear. Is there some way I can do that from the command line? My script is in Swift f that matters.


open "Path/"

(Set Bear as Default App for .md files.)

Or manually use Bear’s import Notes function to bulk import your “kindle highlights markdown files”

that will import it? i assumed it would just open but not put it import. i’ll give it a shot, thanks!

I’m not sure the command line is the best way to import your highlights.
If you have a folder of markdown files with attachments (images) I suggest using File > Import From > Markdown Folder, otherwise you can use File > Import Notes....

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I’m trying to automate it though – using the GUI is a non-starter.

I see, You can try to automate using Shortcuts by reading the content of the file and creating new notes with those.