Importing from Obsidian with attachments?

When Bear II drops, who will be coming back from Obsidian? I just did some playing around with Obsidian files and the beta. The good news is that note links and tags seem to come in fine (I was worried about the note links, based on how Bear I handled it), but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get my attachments in. I’m most concerned about the hundreds of images I have attached to notes. I have IA writer, but since it doesn’t export to textbundle, it appears to not be the solution. I downloaded the trials of a couple of textbundle editors, but they had trouble with the source files.

Any ideas on a bulk import system to go Obsidian → Bear II with attachments intact?

devinhurry/markdown-to-textbundle-for-bear: Convert a bunch of markdown files to textbundle and import to bear note app ( This script will do it


I used the same tool that @Bearnono mentioned, and it worked great for me. There’s a certain irony in a tool like Obsidian having poorer export options than a tool like Bear that relies on a proprietary database for notes storage.


This script will be easiest option, but if you don’t want to use the script for whatever reason, you can also manually make text bundles yourself. If you export one from bear, you’ll see it’s actually just a folder (note name.textbundle is the folder name). Inside that folder you have:

  • - a markdown version of your note, with attachments referenced like ![](assets/image.png)
  • info.json - a json document with some basic information about your note. See here for information (look for the title “The Meta Data file”). Bear specific information is contained within the “net.shinyfrog.bear” key
  • assets/ - a folder with all of your attachments

Hope that helps with a general understanding!