iOS Keyboard Options 1 Click away


why are all formatting options hidden behind this one button on the right side of the iOS Keyboard „Menu“ Bar?

This always means an extra step when inserting a Picture or a Task etc on the iPhone. Why not offering a horizontal scroll of the different options like in Logseq, Obsidian or also (sorry to mention) UpNote? Maybe even customizable regarding the order?

Would at least save some extra taps …

Good question. It’s of course true that any extra click means extra distraction. And yes, I’m using it on the iPad and it’s the extra click. Furthermore, when I want to insert a picture from my library, there’s an extra click even because I don’t want to take a photo…
But then again, one of the reasons why I’m so drawn to Bear (and probably most of the others, too) is that it’s not looking like a big construction site with tools and menus everywhere… So as for me, I can survive that extra click. Particularly because the keyboard behind it is really really neat.

I understand, the clutterfree UI is a strength. On the other side it doesn’t bother me to have the options just in the first row - if I don’t kneed them, I just ignore them.
Some months ago NotePlan did the same and I am still not used to it (I just don’t like extra clicks …)