Keyboard buttons

Digging the Polar Bear, though I’ve kept my notes in the Bear app and haven’t moved any over.

Gotta say, however, my vote is for the old style buttons.

Here is the pic of the bottom of the screen while on my iPad Pro 12.9 with a Magic Trackpad Keyboard using Bear App (with Dracula theme). Notice the quick, one touch buttons to do most of what is needed.

Here is the pic of the bottom of the Polar Bear alpha, same set up. To get to the useful buttons I need to tap a small button, then find it in the small menu.

It’s similar to the annoying bit about Ulysses, in that I’m constantly forgetting which of those small buttons the one that I need is under.

Please make this an option. It makes sense on an iPhone, but the minimalism on the iPad detracts.

I second this one. The iPad screen is too massive to have the big custom keyboard.