Locale date format conflict with numeric lists

Testing version:
1.8.3(8806) on 14.4 iOS
1.8.2 (8798) on 11.2
1.8.2 (8798) on 10.13.6
Panda 1.0 (1208) on 11.2

What were you doing:
Inserting current date with Czech locale settings
(Panda doesn’t have insert date function but insert same string do the same)

What feature did you use:
Menu or shortcut

What happened:
default Czech date format look looks like “31. 12. 2020 23:59” Spaces behind dots make bear work with them as it is numbered list.

On Mac OS X there is workaround - you can delete spaces in system date locale setting - then it works fine, but it is typographical error.

What did you expect to happen:
Date should always be rendered like date, not as number lists. Removing spaces is bad solution because it create typo err - not case for my notes, but could be big case for somebody who writes articles for newspapers.

Hello there,

thank you for submitting this, I did not know the default Czech date format so today I learned something new :slight_smile:

That format conflict with the Markdown formatting, but it’s something easy to workaround, you can escape the first dot like this:

31\. 1. 2020 23:59

This way the date will show correctly and as the escape will be hidden it’s not bad for the formatting.


Let me know if this is an acceptable solution for you.


thanks for quick reply. I didn’t know it either :slight_smile: I think that it is some stupid Apple setting, but when I start look around I found that removing spaces behind dots are formaly wrong.

Escape looks good (for Panda;Bear looks really ugly with it:)) but there is still need to edit date everytime I put it there. I can change it in system on Mac (not sure if it broke something else, propably yes) but I was unable to found how to change it on IOS.
I check some other nations Date format by country - Wikipedia and it looks that we are not alone (more European nations have dots with space) but still minority in global. Put some option to set “date format” in preferences would solve it, but it is propably bad idea anyway.
Is there chance to make markdown formatting litle bit clever with dates, or it is so much work/speed consuming? (Like IF dot_space_nation_locale and numlist(1-31) check if it is date ? On thing I like on Bear is that it simply works. Not extra efford needed. But I understand that every ingeligent_logic cost something.

I have a similar issue with adding a date via the inbuild Keyboard („add Date“). In, and nearly after a table it works well. Adding a Date in „free space“ results in a numbert List