Make cursor visible while selecting text

Would it be possible for Bear to keep the cursor visible while selecting text? I ask for two reasons — small reasons but would be a nice quality of life thing, I think:

  1. Clearer where your selection currently is or has ended. with some themes, the selected text background color is lighter making it a little hard to see what is selected in some cases.
  2. If you’ve selected some text and then had to move or step away from Bear for a moment, when you come back, it’s easy to tell which direction you were selecting.


No, we can’t, the selection is a range with length>0 from a starting index the cursor means the selection has length=0. Those are semantically and programmatically two different things

Maybe we work on the theme’s color to avoid this problem. Which themes you were using when you experienced this problem?

If I’m not missing something, arrow left or right move the cursor at the begin or end of the selection.

Oh interesting, okay. I’ve seen it done in other apps like he image below and I really like it, so I thought I’d ask. Very interesting though what you’re saying is really happening.
CleanShot 2023-02-21 at 13.18.56@2x

The two themes where I think the contrast could be slightly better (and not by much) are Ayu light theme and the Tokyo Night dark theme. I’ve been using those lately

And you aren’t missing anything. I could arrow left and right, but then I think I’d lose the selection. Not a big deal though.