Move Done to Bottom

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9652)

What were you doing: Moving checked item down the list

What feature did you use: Context menu “Move Done to Bottom”

What happened: Done item moved to bottom but had to repeat this every time I reopened note.

What did you expect to happen: When re-opening note and checking another item, item automatically moves to bottom.

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the functionality is not supposed to move the ToDos to the bottom of the list each time you check one of them but only when it’s triggered and for the list, the caret is in. However, I can understand this might be the desired behavior. We’ll watch for other people’s feedback in this sense.

Thanks for the feedback.

Apple Notes moves checked todos to the bottom automatically if the option is enabled but you can enable it on a per-note basis. I really like how they solved it.

I do not really care about the option as I would not use it but I must say that I would expect that it is moved automatically to bottom

There is two scenario:
One is the todo is in a certain order users don’t want to break when ticking them off,

and two is like shopping list or lists to be done where we want all unfinished todo to be shown first automatically.

So I agree if this will be made possible, it must be an option per-note basis.

Please note that I didn’t suggest the option would be enabled across notes. I don’t use notes apps for checkboxes / shopping lists / to-do lists myself. However, beta testing to me is the same as testing an app for a review I’m writing for one of my mags; trying out everything and judging whether the behaviour of the app could be a bug.

With this one I wasn’t sure. As someone who doesn’t use this feature, I was expecting it. It also seemed to me that, if you give the option of switching it on on a per-note basis, that it is easier and more efficient than having to go into the menu each time you check off on an item for that note.


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