Suggestion for iOS to-do

As a person who often wants to send finished to-do to the bottom, I have been thinking what would be a clean UI/X for it on iOS.

So, although the custom keyboard is for inputs, I wonder if we can use this for additional operations by long-press. And this would be a perfect location to have ‘move checked items to the bottom’ option.

I don’t know why I wanted to write like this, but yep. What do you think?

Long press will probably not work as this will conflict with the magnifier glass when editing text.

I think having to-dos moved at the bottom would be neat, but I guess this would probably work better with a global option in Bear.

I have meant by long-pressing the to-do on the custom keyboard.

Ah, sorry, didn’t get that!
Interesting idea. I think a global toggle would be more in line with Bear’s simplicity.
But +1 on having to-dos fall at the list bottom, however that’s achieved.

I don’t think the custom keyboard is where you want that functionality. Generally speaking, when you interact with the ToDos you don’t bring the keyboard up, you just tap a checkbox and, in Apple Notes, expect the relative paragraph to move down. This can work with a global preference.

I consider the above one of the few cases in UX where the feature makes sense only if you have an animation. Otherwise, tapping on a ToDo and having it instantly move to the bottom of the list is very confusing to the point where the user may think the line got deleted if the list continues outside of the viewport. Having this animation working across the platform requires a lot of work and so we decided to focus on other details but we are pretty convinced Apple Notes does the right thing here.


Yes, I also think it is kind of a weird place the feature would be in. And yes, if it would be implemented, there prob should be some animation to it, and understand on your prioritisation.
This was a thought under the condition automatic sorting would not be implemented.

If this could be implemented on Bear as well, it would be the best :smiley: