New Styles Bar too cumbersome to use

I’m really missing the old Styles Bar design because it would remind me of the shortcuts while still being unobtrusive and be quick to use.

Now every time I have to get a style I can’t remember the shortcut for I need to go to top right, activate Styles Bar, then move my mouse all the way down to bottom of screen and start looking through the style, which often is hidden in the not so intuitive “three vertical dots” (…).

One solution could be that clicking on the Styles Bar icon (BIU) would open/display the old styles menu (of course matching Bear 2’s design).

I liked the flat structure that quickly gave me and overview of the styles and their shortcuts too.

On a side note, the new Styles bar on iOS is super cool! Not sure if inspiration from this could be thought into a new design for the macOS one.