Show/Hide the Menu: Menu should appear at the top

I love the ability to show and hide the menu, but (on MacOS) it is strange to me that the menu appears at the bottom of the page. I look to the top of the window for the toggle, press it, and the menu appears at the bottom of the screen, so I then have to move the mouse down to use the menu, then back up when I want to hide it again…

I feel it would be more intuitive and efficient if clicking the icon at the top of the window either expanded the menu out to the left of the icon, or caused the menu to appear as it does now, but at the top of the window not the bottom.

Perhaps the location of the menu could be a preference setting?


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I get what you are saying and We tried different positions for the style bar and the BIU button but so far we have not found a better solution than the bottom of the note. I can suggest using the shortcut for displaying the styles bar.

“Style bar” is a much better description - thanks!

I would likely use keyboard shortcuts for most of the items in the style bar anyway, so it’s not that inconvenient, and I know it’s hard to please everyone. It just feels like a big departure from common UX practices.

I love Bear though, so I’m sure I’d get used to using shortcuts for everything in the style bar. :o)