Notes are not being sorted on the Main Notes section

Testing version: 2.0 (10816)

What were you doing: Sorting on Notes main screen

What feature did you use: Sorting

What happened: Notes are not being sorted

What did you expect to happen: I expected notes to be sorted correctly - by title or by date

Hello and thanks for reporting this problem. Unfortunately I can’t simulate the issue, can you please provide some context about how to replicate the issue?

Hi. I can’t sort all notes when looking at the top ‘Notes’ column. The individual tagged items do sort fine when sorting witching the tagged items. It’s just when looking at all notes via the top all Notes view

Is this normal behavior ?

Thank you

Ah, this looks like a long listing of notes with sync conflicts.

From my experience, they are always displayed on the top, above even pinned notes. This makes it very easy to spot them and take action, on with of the two to keep or delete. Once one of them is deleted, the other one will be moved to it’s proper alphabetical order.

You can see the sync “fork” conflict symbol to the left of time stamp.

@trix180 I’m really missing one very important extra information here,

  1. please add device type or device name of each version’s last update origin: iPad, Mac or iPhone. Maybe just next to time stamp, and only for sync conflicts. Would that be something you would consider?

    Now, it’s sometimes very hard to see which of the two conflicting notes is the one to keep and which to delete.

    Lets say I accidentally changed a note while browsing on iPad, before the main one, I was actually working on, on Mac had synced, I would have a hard time knowing which one to keep…

  2. Also in the (i) info panel on every note, it would also be nice to see where the Note was last updated (on Mac, iPad or iPhone). Maybe in some discrete font below date/time:

April 18, 2023 at 17:23
Modified on “My iPad”

April 02, 2023 at 22:53
Created on “NN’s Mac”

What do you think?

You have to resolve the conflicted notes first by deleting one of the two variants of the same note.

Thank you for your feedback

I have no sync conflicts on Mac iPhone or iPad
Sync works fine on all devices.

The main Notes section just isn’t sorting at all
… on all devices. No sync issues.
All other tag lists are fine.
I’m assuming this is a bug in beta 2
I didn’t notice this behavior before I upgraded to beta 2

I was referring to this conflict indicators in the screenshot you posted

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Corrected this and now all fine with that sorting …

Thank you!!

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