Request: Sync conflict and info panel to show last used device

Hi there,
Thank you all very much for all the hard work with bug fixes, and the upcoming Bear web, and Panda beta!

Feature Request

I sometimes run into sync conflict when working offline on something on Mac, iPad or iPhone and I happen to change same note on two, or three :wink: devices.

When back online I get the sync conflicted notes elegantly on top of note list with the little branch icon. But there is no way of knowing where the two versions were updated, so I think it would be very helpful also to see on what device each of the versions was last edited:

  • An additional on Mac, on iPad, or on iPhone, as tiny text there, after date/time, would be great.
  • Or (and also) to get such device indicator after Modified and Created dates in info panel.
    I often get confused on where I did my last updates, so even without sync conflict this would be very helpful.

Thank you very much.