Syncing is quite annoying in Bear

  1. there is no visual indicator of “syncing complete now – no problems occurs”
  2. when pressing cmd+S (what’s most apps offering) on mac annoying beeping would come out becuase there is no such shortcut
  3. as a result, I often got syncing conflicts and merging two big notes by fidning a slight diff change is confusing

I beg you to please respond to this
I am tired of fixing conflicts
thanks a lot

Being that no one else is adding to your post that they are having a similar issue, its likely this is a “one off” issue. This forum is not the place they would like try to resolve an individual’s issue. I suggest you open a support incident with Bear here: Contact us - at the bottom right of that page, there is a “chat bubble” you can click on to fill out a support request.