Notes Quick Links Section

Morning all

Totally love this app! It really is superb.

One feature I would love to see is in the notes section at the top of the grey left side toolbar.

Currently it shows untagged, Todo, Today and Locked. It would be really helpful to have another option for week view. I use todo and tag my daily task notes ready for my platform engineering daily standups, however a week view option would be really handy so its super quick to find all my notes Ive worked on in the last 5 days.

I did email support about this and they were super quick to get back to me which was really awesome (thank you support! :slight_smile: ) however I thought I’d add it into the new community as a feature request to see if others would be interested in it as well.

Thanks in advance!

Andy :slight_smile:


Those section have hotkeys (see in main menu → view): option-command-number.
6,7 and 8 are not taken. Therefore at most three more sections indeed would be a good idea as long as they are definable by the user. I f.e. would choose: @untitled.

Hey Andy!

Well although currently we don’t have any plans implementing another entry in the Sidebar, Bear supports advanced search that helps filter notes for types of content and attributes such as lists, files, creation date etc. For your case, I’d like to recommend these two:

  • @lastXdays: show notes modified in the last X days (replace X with any number)
  • @createdXdays: show notes created the last X day (replace X with any number)

You can create a Shortcuts to do this as a routine every Friday for your weekly review using the search x-callback-url. Let me know if you need any help set up the Shortcuts :wink:

Btw you can find all the advanced search here!