Obsidian import: Problem with frontmatter tags

Testing version: 2.1

What were you doing: Importing my Obsidian vault

What feature did you use: “Import from Obsidian”

What happened: Tags from frontmatter got imported including the commas. E.g.:

What did you expect to happen: Comma is a part of the frontmatter syntax. The correct tags would have been:
#source #todo

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Are those tags recognised in Obsidian? The importer now assumes they are expressed using the following syntax

 - content_video 
 - content_blog 

If this is the case, yes this should be fixed.

Yes, the comma notation is recognized by Obsidian. I didn’t even know the syntax you mention was also an option. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that most/all of my tags in the front matter are being ignored. Mine are formatted as:

Tags: Hardware/Server, Configuration, Unix, Linux

Is the importer case sensitive?