Odd behavior with voice-to-text after single asterisks

Testing version:
iOS 11504

What were you doing:
Using voice-to-text to take notes after a bullet point

What feature did you use:
Voice to text through native iOS keyboard

What happened:
I chose a bulleted list through the formatting keyboard, then tried using voice-to-text to write something after the bullet.
On the first attempt of voice-to-text, the cursor jumps to a previous line and insert text in the middle of that line. If I tap in front of the bullet point and try voice-to-text again, it types the first letter of the first spoken word, then quits voice-to-text.
It seems to work fine with numbered lists, headers, bold, code, no formatting, but has the same bug with italics. Seems to be something about the single asterisk.

What did you expect to happen:
Voice-to-text to type in the correct position and not quit after a single letter.

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