Panda beta has expired

It’s that time again and Panda expired for me this morning. I still use it heavily as my external MD editor for DEVONthink.

Will there be a new TestFlight build before the standalone app is released down the road?


Same thing for me here. I noticed yesterday morning.


Same forme.
I used Panda two days ago.

Hi, Please let us know about the status of this so that we can plan accordingly. Thanks!

If the beta expires for the Panda app, you can re-download it and it will work again.

Not for me.
How can I get a link?

Expired for me as well. :frowning:

I just tried to download it again. TestFlight said that Panda app is not accepting new beta users right now.

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Ah sorry I misunderstood that you were on mobile. The desktop app is easy to redownload and reset the beta expiration.

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Hi folks,

we’re investing all our time in Bear 2.0 launch, and at this time we don’t have much time to keep Panda updated properly.

I’ll try to push a new Panda version next week, but no promises.

After Bear 2.0 launch we’ll decide what to do with Panda as standalone app :slight_smile:


Fully understood, and very appreciative of all the hard work leading to Bear 2.0.

FWIW, I was just looking for the same Panda code with a new expiration date - no updates of any sort - just to get me through.

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Same here. If the team has a going to be busy with things, it would be nice to just an update with a really distant expiration date or something.

Probably the max is 90days.

Would love to reset the TestFlight even without changes. If not it expires at 90 days and is not usable. Have been using it and would love a dedicated app, but until then this has really hurt my workflow.

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Just use Bear 2 now that it has been released. Panda is kind of redundant now.

Not if you loved it as a stand-alone, file-based editor.


Someone on Reddit made reference to there actually still being a TestFlight for Panda but it’s full. What’s the story here? Was there a new one that I just never heard of and so didn’t get the chance? I was in the old one and it never stopped being expired.


not at all. Panda is stand alone and lets you edit in just a folder on say iCloud, or in my case use devonthink for organization, but panda to edit. For my. use case works much better with stand alone.

I want to join again for iOS Beta. :sob:
I need it so bad.

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