Panda: Request, Table of Contents

TOC, from memory, inside square brackets so the toc can be anywhere in the document. As a thought, a right-click dropdown over notes in the middle bar with nested heading items.

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some apps use the {{TOC}} syntax for expressing an in-document TOC, but this is a little tricky for us because (ideally) we want {{TOC}} to generate a visible, but not editable, table of content. Another possible solution is just adding a facility to generate the TOC markdown code inside the document.

The right-click menu idea sounds nice.

Would it auto-regenerate or is it a button you’d need to click every time you change the document?

My response is very theoretical because in practice a lot of implementation details has to be considered but the generated TOC will not update by itself, the {{TOC}} solution yes.

I’m not , personally, a huge fan of things like this being generated. They get forgotten. Although I get your reasoning.

For now, when I need this, I tend to maintain semi-TOCs with [[/Example header]] syntax and it works nice. The only problem I have is that unlike [[Example note]] it won’t update when the header is updated. So maybe at least that could be improved.

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It kinda blows my mind that this isn’t a bigger priority for bear, proportional to how useful it is and easy to implement. I use a shortcut to generate ToC for most of my notes, and it’s pretty crucial at this point to structuring my notes, especially since in note search seems like it will never exist. For people like me who use bear for writing essentially chapters for personal reference, it’s a fundamental feature to quickly find the section we are searching for.

Maintaining a list of structured content is dead simple.

At this point the ToC isn’t such a needed feature for me because I have an easy work flow with the shortcut, I’m just fascinated by the development priorities, as this would take an afternoon to write and would be a genuinely hugely useful feature

I would be happy with a much simpler version of this. Just show the headings in a menu somewhere so that I could quickly navigate my notes. it really irritates me that Bear doesn’t have this.

Many lesser notes apps have this feature.

Actually looks like bear 2 has the menu?

The whole forum here is about bear 2 or panda :wink: