Performance issues when creating backlinks for a big note

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10984)

What were you doing: Creating backlinks to a big note

What feature did you use: back linking

What happened: performance issues and lagging

What did you expect to happen: to work smoothly without any performance issues

I created a note to be a reference note with more 2200 sentences, each sentence in a new paragraph, and converted the first 120 sentence to be a header so that I can create backlinks for them in other notes.

When I start a new note and want to create a backlink for a sentence in the reference note, the app starts lagging. then when I choose a specific sentence to create a backlink and continue typing, the app began to show performance issues and each letter takes time to appear after pressing it… the only solution is to start a new line and every thing works fine.

As remove paragraphs from the reference note I notice a better performance after creating the backlink.