Popout window not adjusting body text correctly?

Testing version:
Bear Version 2.0.9

What were you doing:
I put Bear in fullscreen mode on my laptop.
I pulled out Table of Contents from its hiding spot.

What feature did you use:
Keeping Table of Contents in place so it does not hide

What happened:
Table of Contents is now in place, and the centered body content of text closely hugs the left side of it.

What did you expect to happen:
I thought that the body of text is supposed to shift to the left because there is enough room for the context window to stay, so that there would be proper spacing between the text and the Table of Contents I want to keep there. I saw in another post that this is a feature for Bear 2.0 so I imagine it is a bug that it does not automatically realign the text?

Hello. I don’t think this is a bug but I might be wrong. Can you please send a screenshot of what you consider the misaligned text with the TOC?

Hello! Yes, here is the screenshot:

Above, the panel almost always interferes with some of the text and hides it. I’ve experimented with different font sizes, window sizes, zoom, etc, and it never looks like the image below because the text is always just few pixels from touching the info panel or is partially hidden by it.

This is the screenshot shared in (Forum feedback: Backlinks and Info Column) that I’m referring to as a behavioral function I thought is supposed to be in Bear 2.0:

My bad if it’s just a misunderstanding :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, the current behavior is expected but might not be optimal for some screen sizes. We are still exploring the 4th column update UI but yes, it will solve this issue.

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