Prepend Text bug

Testing version:
What were you doing:
Adding text to note using the shortcut
What feature did you use:

What happened:
When adding text using the Shortcut- prepend the text positions above the notes Title.
What did you expect to happen:
It must be bellow the Title

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Yes, I agree, this is a very annoying bug: prepend only works as expected (placing the text or image below title) if title is H1.

It should probably also place prepended text/images below title for any heading level or just unformatted text used as title, since first line is regarded as title no matter what (except for YAML front matter)

Bear share extension also fails here when you have YAML: photo is placed before YAML even when followed by a h1 title …

Yes, it does make sense for the prepend to take into account the presence of YAML and works regardless of the heading level of the title. I’ll this to our ToDo list.