Random note does not update which note is shown

Testing version: 2.0.5 (iOS 17 dev beta 4)

What were you doing: Testing out the random note widget.

What happened: Tapping on the random note widget (home screen and lock screen) takes me to a random note. Exiting back to the home screen or lock screen and then tapping it again shows the same random note.

What did you expect to happen: I would expect every tap of the random note control to show me a new, random note.

Unsure if this is a bug report or feature request but it’s a bummer I can’t use Random Note as a way to bounce around randomly in my note archive. I’d love a way through a widget, (or even in the UI) to just continually ask for random notes.

Just reporting in case this is not an iOS 17 issue… Are you on iOS 16 and can confirm that random note opens a new random note every time?

I just tried it. I had the same result as you. However, I don’t know how that widget is supposed to work, as I’ve never used it before. Meaning, how frequent is it supposed to offer a new random note? On iPadOS 17, it is showing me a preview of the note in the widget, so in that sense it is working properly by giving me what I see in the widget when I tap on it. So, how often is the widget supposed to “rotate to a new note?”

So it’s not an iOS 17 issue. Not sure if it’s a bug or feature request at this point but functionally I feel it would be much nicer if you launching the random note forced the widget to refresh.

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I’m not on iOS beta, and can confirm I have the same behavior.

I am guessing that Bear now shows a new note every few hours. (I didn’t really count/time, but that’s my impression.)

I would like it to show me a new random note every time I press it. The reason is – that I could then do a daily, for example, 15-min session of random notes review!

Hello Gavin,
yes, the random note widget is not supposed to refresh on tap and provide a new random note every hour. However I can see this as a possible enhancement of how the widgets work and we’ll check if it’s doable.