MacOS Ventura random note (and other widgets) buggy

Hi! I would like to use the random note widget to review my Bear notes. Widgets have always been buggy for me in MacOS so I’m not sure if this is a Mac issue or a Bear issue.

Today I noticed that the Random Note was no longer updating, so I tried to delete and re-add the widget multiple times, each of which resulted in my computer restarting by itself. Now the widget is simply blank, despite having chosen a tag.

I am using MacOS 13.2.1 and Bear 2.1.9.


this sounds like a macOS issue honestly. As third-party developers, I can tell what we can do with widgets is very limited and shouldn’t cause a system crash.
Can you please try to update MacOS Ventura?

OK! I wasn’t sure which side the issue was on but I will try to update.